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We provide an efficient repair service for all domestic and commercial projects. All we require is your assistance in gaining access to the systems, so we can look and assess what the issues could be.

Our team are quick responders to repair jobs, as we know how inconvenient it is for you, we work to get to your site as quickly as possible so that we can diagnose the problems and get working on a solution straight away.

A common issue on some air conditioning units, is leaking water. This tends to happen when a unit has not been maintained or serviced properly, the repair work on something like this is minimal and can usually be fixed within the day, to cause minimum disruption to you. All you would need to do, is call the customer service team who will assist in getting an engineer out to your site as soon as possible.

Some other common issues we see is that the unit isn’t blowing cool air. This usually requires a bit of inspection to find out if there is a gas leak within the unit itself. This could be due to a shortage of refrigerant gas, which our engineers can provide on the day, to get your system up and running the same day. Although this type of job can take a little longer to diagnose and will need more time from one of our engineers, we can normally fix these the same, if not the next day. If the system is blowing out warm air not cool, ensure the batteries in the remote control are replaced initially. Although this may seem like the most obvious solution, many people forget to do this. We also ask that you check the settings on your machine, before we diagnose that a call-out repair service is required.

Other common issues we see from customers is that the unit has become noisy since installation. This is normally a sound that comes from the fan motor itself, so this would probably need replacing. If your system is louder than usual, please do get in touch as soon as possible, as if the issue isn’t seen to in a timely manner, it can lead to further problems down the line, and potentially the cost of a new unit!

We recommend that you have your air conditioning unit regularly serviced and maintained, this way reducing the potential for issues or concerns. Our team can provide maintenance services for you, so you can always be sure that your system is working as it should be. In our experience, we have found that the longer issues are ignored, the more costly the solution can be.