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Our team are here to help provide you with the best professional support and advice throughout the whole installation service. We provide competitive, yet affordable quotes to all our customers, no matter what service it is that you require. We are experienced in working with site managers and project managers alike, so you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands. We also have a lot of experience working to budgets, so please do let us know your budget and the service/installation you wish to implement, and we can work out the best solution for you, based on the budget available for the project.

We are proud to shout about our highly regarded reputation amongst our clients and are always looking of ways to extend and improve the services and products we have on offer, so that we are reaching as many people as possible and delivering them the best solutions possible.

The staff at Modern Air Service are skilled project managers and engineers. Once the project has been complete, our team will be available post-project, to help with any enquiries or assistance you may need. We pride ourselves on the high-quality services we offer and will always do our best to help.

Our systems are hard-wearing and have a long shelf-life. So not only can you choose from a range of eco-friendly options, you can also be confident that your installation will last. Not only are our systems eco-friendly, but so are we! We aim to produce as little waste as possible whilst implementing the new units. We are always looking to improve and further our eco footprint and sustainability and are always looking at other sustainable solutions to bring into our portfolio.

We are equipped to help with any project, no matter what your specifications are. We are here to help give you the best solution for the project and ensure that bespoke projects are looked at in full detail, prior to any installation work taking place. We will be there from the initial discussion stages, through to the completion stage.

We understand that some projects come with certain restrictions and guidelines which must be followed to the detail. We have an array of experience with site managers and are happy to talk through the process with the required people, to ensure that all guidelines are met, and all restrictions kept to.

Budgeting is the main concern of most customers. They are looking for something that will give them the desired outcome, but at the best price for that project. We work with you to make sure that we can utilise as many resources as possible to give you the best resolution within your budget. We won’t provide any fit-outs unless our customers have fully approved and signed off the work that we will undertake, to give you confidence that there are no hidden costs.

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