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Modern Air Service has been providing an excellent service to our customers over the past few years. We’ve been working on helping to cool or heat your home, with the latest technologies, at affordable prices. We are always available to help take you through the step-by-step process of your air conditioning installation in Brighton.

Air conditioning has become ever-more common in homes around the UK, with customers looking for the perfect temperature all year round. They help keep you comfortable day and night, no matter what the temperature is.

Air Conditioning systems are fast becoming an eco-product with many systems now given an energy star rating. So, for those customers who are looking for an eco-friendly option for their home, it is probably best to choose a system that is back by the Energy Star label. It is a government back symbol that signifies how energy efficient a product is.

When it comes to choosing a new aircon installation system for your home, many factors will come into consideration. The size of your room, the layout, the available space, the aesthetics, and most importantly the cost. We are here to help you choose the right ac installation solution for you.

There are a few types of air conditioning systems to choose from. Here are some of the air conditioning options we offer our Brighton customers.

Wall Mounted

These are the most frequently installed units as they tend to be the cheaper option as well as the fact that they are easier to fit into available space in the room. They are generally placed high-up on the wall, so that they don’t affect the look and feel of the room. This type of unit tends to be very quiet and will cool down a well sized room, as well as being sleek and modern.


Ducted Units

These units tend to be on the more expensive side. They are by far the most satisfying to look at and are barely noticeable within the room. These systems can be used to cool multiple rooms in your home (although you cannot have a different temperature for each room). They are best installed as part of a building project as they require a space in the ceiling to fit the system.

Low-wall Mounted


Another very common type of unit for the home, these are suitable for rooms with small wall space, for example conservatories or summer houses. They are almost like our wall mounted solution but would appear much lower down on the wall (whatever low lying space you have available). They are a little more expensive than the wall mounted options, but they are out of customers’ eyeline as they are much lower down, so provide a nice alternative to the wall mounted units.



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